Golf Operations Consulting

Operating a Golf Club or Course is a tricky business. A golf management company, like Up to Par Management, is often times the answer for owners or Boards of Directors who are looking for full golf club management. Sometimes not. […]

Golf Course Management Is NOT Rocket Science

Golf course management is not rocket science. Your standard management company will extol their virtues with catchy phrases or clichés, hoping to get your attention. Very few will deliver on their promise because their goals don’t necessarily align with your […]

High Performance Hospitality Teams Are Not a Myth

For any business unit to be successful, they must be filled with high functioning teams. Managers need to align their teams with goals, today’s goals as well as long term ones. Here is how we do this as a hospitality management company.


All of us go to work each day, sometimes on autopilot and lose the opportunity to improve and challenge ourselves to an awesome life. A life that is full of gratitude, laughter, joy, and challenge. It is your choice… no one else but you.

A Mix Mélange

Keep your message clear.
I see dozens of pieces of content a day (sometimes hundreds) – from tweets to dinner menus, I read it all. Most items get a quick glance before approval (kudos to my designers/account managers), others get minimum changes.

The Dichotomy of the Golf Industry

The golf industry has faced the same, ongoing problem for the past decade, or longer – declining participation; yet the industry, as a whole, has done virtually nothing to fundamentally change the way golfers are introduced, instructed or included. How do we fix it?