Club Operations

Choosing a club is like choosing a second home. Its a place to relax with family and friends, to enjoy your surroundings, to be active, or to grab a delicious meal. It’s more important than ever to help current and prospective members see your club as their home.

Each piece of the member experience is of equal importance, and it’s essential that we have a holistic understanding of your club.¬†We spend the first month experiencing each aspect from the perspective of a member and an associate to gain a more comprehensive look into where you perform well and where there are opportunities for growth. We analyze historical and current financial data, membership levels, branding, marketing materials, digital presence, facilities and more.

After we become fluent in your club’s culture, we explore opportunities to reduce expenses, streamline processes, train associates, promote events, create new opportunities for revenue through special events, expand the target demographic, and evaluate the membership price structure and application process. Up to Par also offers a dedicated sales representative to generate leads for special events and facilitate event planning.

Our goal is to improve the overall club experience, recruit new members, retain current members and deliver positive financial results.

To see a glimpse of what Up to Par can do for you, explore our portfolio:

Lexington Golf & Country Club